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When it comes to the beauty of your home or business in Southeast Michigan, your flooring and furniture have more impact than almost anything else! That’s why it’s so important to make certain that the flooring and furniture are professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.  Your home or business will not only look beautiful but you will save money by delaying replacement costs.

Whether your flooring is carpeted or tiled, and whether your upholstery and drapes are fabric or leather, trust A2 Restoration to properly clean and remove every trace of dirt, grime, mildew and mold from the carpet and upholstery fibers, tile pores and grout. Our team of technicians are IICRC trained and certified to make your flooring and furniture look and feel as good as new and last much longer.

Dirt, pollen, dust mites and dander all tend bond into the surfaces of where they settle.  So your carpet and upholstery fibers and the porous tile and grout surfaces are typically covered with a variety of debris.  If left untreated the accumulated debris can cause not only the breakdown and discoloration of your flooring and furniture, but also create an odor that is often associated with an unclean environment.  So while the furniture and flooring in your Ann Arbor area home or business may not look dirty, visitors and guests may still feel uncomfortable given the musty smell.

Call A2 Restoration today to request a FREE Estimate to restore your home or business to a more pristine condition!

Carpet Cleaning

A2 Restoration’s trained carpet cleaning experts will start by stain treating any carpet stains that are more severe.  This pre-treat process will start to loosen dirt and debris.  Then our carpet cleaning solution and rotating brush machine will break up the dirt and debris, detaching it all from the fibers and lift it up and out of your carpet.   This process also removes any allergens that might potentially cause a response or illness in visitors to your Michigan home or business.

At A2 Restoration we know that the only way to determine how often your carpets should be cleaned is to truly understand the environment and traffic associated with your flooring.  When preparing our initial estimate we will conduct a thorough investigation and ask questions that will allow us to recommend how often subsequent cleaning should take place; including whether the manufacturer’s warranty is still in place.  We can help you to ensure your flooring is treated with the care they need and you can be sure that you are protected by the requirements of the warranty!


The upholstery on your furniture may also have a warranty.  Having your drapes and upholstery professionally cleaned is far less expensive than replacement or re-upholstery.  At A2 Restoration we will be sure to treat the upholstery on your furniture or drapes exactly as the manufactured directs.  Most furniture is now labeled with a cleaning code recommending the specific cleaning method to employ.  For example:

  • W indicates that the fabric may be cleaned with water or any water-based upholstery cleaner. Fortunately, this type of upholstery is usually the easiest to clean.
  • S indicates that water cannot be used to clean the upholstery.  Dry cleaning or other cleaning solvents must be used. Professional cleaning is strongly advised as special machinery will be required.
  • S/W indicates that dry cleaning and water-based cleaning may be used on the upholstery.  Note that the fabric should never be saturated in water.
  • X is rarely used because it means that the upholstery cannot be cleaned with any water-based products or solvents at all.  The only way to clean the upholstery is to vacuum or brush gently.

Tile and Grout

It’s not surprising that tile is a popular flooring material for kitchens and bath spaces; it’s as durable as it is beautiful.  Unfortunately, the biggest problem is the grout that locks the tiles in place.  Grime and debris tend to accumulate on the grout.  Grout is typically made of cement, sand, and polymers, and has microscopic pores that make it easy for dirt, debris, and mold to become readily trapped.

The grout between your kitchen tiles is continually assaulted by all kinds of spills.  Wine, coffee, cola, tomato sauce and a variety of different food products are always landing on the tile and grout.  The tile walls and floors and grout in your bathroom are plagued by rust, soap stains and fast growing mold that seem to come out of nowhere.

Our technicians are proficient in cleaning your tile and grout with proven methods and highly effective products. We can restore shine and cleanliness to your kitchen, bathroom, and tile floors.  At A2 Restoration, we will determine what cleaning method will work best based on the condition of your tile and grout.  If necessary, we will recommend that some or all of the caulk be replaced to address a water seepage or prevent a potential problem.  And once your tile and grout are shining and bright, we will seal it to protect your grout and tile for months to come.

So don’t wait for your furniture or flooring to take on a dinghy look or musty odor.  Contact A2 Restoration for a FREE Estimate to clean your carpets, upholstery, tile and grout.  Breathe new life into the most important elements of your Southeastern Michigan home or business.


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