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As water moves through your home or building, timing becomes critical.  The sooner the water stops, the less damage, disruption and expenditure occurs. The majority of property insurance claims are due to water damage. water-damage-removal-in-ann-arbor-mi When excess water is allowed to build, significant damage can occur to a buildings structure and the property contained within.  The longer excess water is left untreated, the greater the effects of deterioration and far less likely restoration efforts will be successful.

Water damage can arise from a variety of sources, including Flood waters, plumbing issues and pipe breaks, sewage backups, storm damage, roofing issues, foundational cracks, power outages, and appliance failures (washing machines, water heaters, or dishwashers).  So, whether the water damage is due to Flood Waters or a broken pipe, when water damage threatens your home or business it requires an immediate response and the skill that can only come from years of training and experience.

A2 Restoration has the training, tools, experience and expertise to address any water damage your Ann Arbor MI residence or commercial property incurs.

A2 Restoration has the immediate goal to stop additional water influx and CONTAIN the water that has entered the property.  Once we have contained the water, our trained professionals identify the full extent of moisture damage, both obvious and unseen.  With training, moisture detectors, and hygrometers, we determine where and to what extent the water damage has incurred.  We also determine whether the water itself is in anyway contaminated.

Only then can we accurately determine the best method to extract the remaining water, determine all property damage and extent of any contamination, establish the most effective drying method, outline those items requiring replacement, and provide a time line of the cleaning, repair and restoration necessary to return to your property to a pre-damage condition.  Using cutting-edge technology for drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and disinfecting, we can restore your home or business so that you can return to normal as soon as possible.

Our goal is to save you money and to prevent further deterioration from unaddressed water damage.  We provide maximum impact by acting in an immediate, but minimal amount of time to assess, evaluate, dry, clean, repair, and restore your Michigan property and personal possessions!

The team at A2 Restoration will provide you with an understanding of exactly what will need to be done, how long the process will take, and the anticipated cost.  You’ll receive a detailed estimate, coordination with your insurance carrier, and a timeline for each phase of the process.

Water-damage-after-flooding-in-michiganInsurance Item:

For insurance purposes, a determination of whether the water damage was a result of “flood waters” will be made.  “Flood water” typically involves rising water that originated outside the property and overflowed into/onto the property causing damage.  In Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County Michigan, the “flood water” could come from the nearby lakes and river overflowing, drainage systems that become clogged or heavy rainfall that is not absorbed quickly enough by the soil.  Flood damage is considered a different claim by the insurance company, than say water damage due to a broken pipe.  Without specific Flood Insurance, water damage incurred from “Flood waters” may not be covered.  Please consult your Agent or Adjuster regarding Flood Insurance Coverage.

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