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Any fire in your home or business is a terrifying event.  The potential for loss of life is overwhelming.  The actual loss of possessions and the damage from the fire, smoke, water and chemicals used in extinguishment can be devastating.

A2 Restoration can help ease your fear, reduce your insecurity, and provide you with information on how best to proceed.  Years of training and experience allow A2 Restoration to immediately respond to a fire situation – working with emergency crews to ensure the damage is reduced and that as much property is recovered as possible.  As soon as the premises are deemed safe to enter, A2 Restoration will work quickly to assess damage and determine the repairs that must begin immediately to secure the property from the elements, minimize secondary damage and maximize restoration effectiveness.

The A2 Restoration teams knows right where to start.  We know which of your items should be addressed first in order to salvage as many of your possessions and fixtures as possible.  Addressing these critical pieces immediately allows us to reduce repair costs or expenses associated with replacement.

At this same, our team is assessing what temporary protection efforts must take place to protect you and/or your building from the outside Michigan elements.  We will board up windows, tent roofs, or take the steps necessary to secure your home from inclement weather or potential invasion.  Our certified experts then determine the full extent of the event damage, including the impact of smoke, heat and residues from fire, smoke and chemicals.

Only then can we explain exactly what will need to be done.  We will outline those items that unfortunately, can’t be restored, those items that will be decreased in value or length of expected use, and the anticipated outcome from restoration efforts.  We will allow you to consider the replacement cost vs. the restoration cost for sentimental pieces and property.

If necessary, we will recommend smoke and odor removal, deodorization, cleaning and sanitation.  You’ll know in advance what will happen and when to expect the restoration of your Southeastern Michigan home or business.


During this time our focus on salvaging property and assessing the damage will not cause us to lose focus on your sense of loss and frustration.  A2 Restoration will make certain you are consulted throughout the process and that you always understand what is being done and why, the time frames, and of course the costs associated with each step of the restoration efforts.  A2 Restoration is committed to immediate response, property salvation and restoration, not simply replacement.  We will work quickly to reduce the stress associated with a difficult situation and to save you and your insurance company money.


To contact A2 Restoration call 734–994–9044 or visit www.a2restoration.com.


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