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Mold spores are always everywhere; floating in the air, attaching to clothing, upholstery and pets, it is virtually impossible to prevent and then remove all mold. With moisture and an organic food source mold can grow very quickly.

Though the presence of dangerous levels of mycotoxins is not typical, it is true that any mold can lead to health problems in a short amount of time. You need a fast response to prevent health problems, minimize damage to your Ann Arbor, MI property and reduce the amount of money necessary to remove, remediate and restore the infested area.

Treating Mold is not “DIY” project! While you can typically remove mold on shower tile and other non-porous surfaces easily on your own, you can actually cause mold to spread by treating mold with typical household cleaners on surfaces that are porous and/or organically based. Most people do not make the distinction between mold-resistant and mold-proof.

Depending on the type of surface, you may cause harm to yourself, your pets, wood, plastics, and plants by using harsh chemicals or cleansers, UV lights, or by applying high-heat drying techniques. To ensure mold is properly removed and the surface restored, you need the right chemicals, equipment and expertise. You need to call A2 Restoration.

At A2 Restoration, we adhere to the following process:

  1. Stop the water source that allows the mold to flourish;
  2. Isolate the infested area, preventing the spread to or contamination of other areas in the building;
  3. Repair as necessary any issues contributing to the water source so as to eliminate future mold growth;
  4. Provide rapid-dry and de-humidification techniques;
  5. Test the area for residual moisture and repeat Step 4 as needed to achieve proper moisture level;
  6. Apply cutting-edge technology to remediate the mold – removing any items/areas that can’t be restored;
  7. Clean, conduct air filtration, sanitize and deodorize as necessary;
  8. Assess the damage to the area to establish restoration plan;
  9. Restore your Michigan home or business to pre-mold condition with expert craftsmanship

During this time, our focus on assessing and addressing your mold problem will not cause us to lose focus on your need to know what is going on. A2 Restoration will make certain you are consulted throughout the process and that you always understand what is being done and why, the time frames, and of course, the costs associated with each step of the removal, remediation and restoration efforts.

Our goal is to remove the mold and return your Southeastern Michigan home or business to its original condition with minimal disruption to the occupants. Our mold removal, remediation and restoration process benefits people and property.

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