Welcome to A2 Restoration, Ann Arbor Michigan’s foremost authority year after year for its expertise in cleanup and restoration of your home and business property. With our 24/7 emergency service availability all year round, we have been the people’s choice for more than 20 years. Our services include cleanup and restoration from:

All these potential catastrophes are sure to cause damage, potentially incredible amounts of damage to your personal and real property. Response and reaction within an hour of receiving your call is guaranteed. Keep our contact information close 734-548-9920 or fill out the contact form on our website at


Water, the Major Source for Most Damage  

When water finds its way into your home or business, it is not long, usually between 48 and 72 hours, before irritants and allergens start forming in the air or on personal property. Roofing leaks and plumbing problems are common culprits.

If you, family members or employees suspect or become aware of water where it does not belong, action is necessary. Our team of cleanup experts can extract water and dry the area quickly. At A2 Restoration, we stay current with state-of-the-art equipment, processes and cleaning aids.

The source of water entry is key to eliminating future problems. Our professional staff is trained and experienced at detecting and isolating the problem. With the use of advanced equipment, your water damage is greatly minimized resulting in a cost savings overall.


When Mold is Present 

If water damage has gone undetected for a period of time, mold is sure to be growing. Mold is present everywhere all the time. Harmful levels of mold is the concern. When mold can be smelled or visually present, it is time to call for professional mold remediation service.

Mold should not be disturbed. This means, do not touch it. Spores release into the air easily. Let our team of mold remediation specialists clean and disinfect the area properly. They are trained and have a lot of experience. They get the job done quickly and safely.


Mold-and-moisture-buildup-on-wallMold Removal versus Mold Remediation

As previously mentioned, microscopic mold spores exist both indoors and outdoors. It really is not possible to totally remove all mold. Mold remediation simply means to reduce mold to acceptable levels.

Moisture encourages mold growth. It is almost impossible and not desirable to eliminate all moisture all the time. Thus, reducing moisture is also important to minimize mold presence and growth.   Our mold remediation experts can give recommendations regarding moisture related issues.

There are many types of mold spores. Black mold or ‘stachybotrys chartarum’ has received sensational amounts of news coverage over the years. The reports are confusing and alarming in some cases.

In summary, any type of mold in excess is toxic and irritating to human beings. As a qualified cleanup and restoration company, A2 Restoration understands the science behind mold and mold growth.

Black mold removal and mold remediation is a challenge all by itself. Let us partner with you to make your living and work environment clean and free of mold related allergens and irritants. Our specialists are IICRC trained and certified. Refer to for more information.


Restoration Services

Cleanup is a project all by itself. Once your property is cleaned, restoration to like-new conditions is the hope. We guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction when it comes to restoring your home or business. Odor elimination can be tricky. We understand the science behind identifying and eliminating harmful odors.

As the leader for cleanup & restoration in Ann Arbor and the neighboring communities throughout Washtenaw County, it just makes sense to keep our phone number on hand. Call us at 734-548-9920 anytime. We will keep the air you breathe clean and your property safe from the harmful affects of water damage.

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